UPSA 2018 Annual Meeting Opening

Public Safety Trends Opening Presentation
Amy Rosenkrantz, Darcy Newton, Scott Peabody
and Kate Leese, Culver Company

SMUD  |  Sacramento, CA – September 11, 2018

SMUD’s Public Safety Overview

SMUD’s Public Safety Overview
Catherine Mankins, Supervisor, Public Safety SMUD

Regulators Perspective

Regulators Perspective
Tony Marino, Executive Officer,
California Dig Safe Board

DTE  |  Detroit, MI – November 2, 2018

DTE Opening Presentation

DTE Opening Remarks and Executive Perspective
Executive: Mark Stiers, President and
Chief Operating Officer, DTE Gas

Damage Prevention Team: Scot Runke,
Manager Damage Prevention
Samantha Williams, Supervisor Damage Prevention

Consumers Education Program

Consumers Energy School Program
Michelle Mitchell, Education Programs Lead

Miss Dig Presentation

MISS DIG, Michigan 811
Bruce Campbell, CEO MISS DIG System
Paul Harding, Education Specialist/
Stakeholder Liaison, MISS DIG System

Damage Prevention Program Review

DTE Damage Prevention Program Review
Scot Runke and Samantha Williams


Damage Prevention Program Review

Michigan Emergency Management
and Homeland Security

Chris Bush, Assistant Division Commander,
Emergency Management and Homeland
Security Division, Michigan State Police

CPS Energy  |  San Antonio, TX – November 7, 2018

Damage Prevention Overview, Texas 811

Damage Prevention Overview, Texas 811
John Sparks, Director of Damage Prevention at Texas 811 

CPS Public Safety & Educatin

CPS Energy Public Safety & Education Review
Jesse Hernandez, Director of Community Programs

Duke/Piedmont Natural Gas  |  Nashville, TN – November 15, 2018

Duke Public Safety Review

Duke Public Safety Review
Susan Browning, Lead Health & Safety Specialist,
Duke Energy